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Stock Analyst 2

The project has been abandoned. It is maintained here as a reference.


Create stock trading strategies and test them against real-data to see if they are successful or not. After you have some winner ones execute them on real markets.

This is a video showing all the application features:


  1. Capture realtime data from stock providers (currently only Interdin is supported)
  2. Save the data into a database
  3. Develop a custom strategy using the tools provided
  4. Execute it over the recorded data and watch the generated report, refine it until you are satisfied.
  5. Execute it over real makets.


Among others there are charts, indicators (averages, stochastics, RSI, etc), multiple realtime values, etc. This area is the one that will get the more development effort.


The installation instructions are here: How to install and execute the application.

The technical documentation of the project is here: Documentation.

The project description is here: Description.


The application screenshots are here: Screenshoots.


Want to say me anything: drop me a line here:

Latest News


Updated and fixed forever the documentation images. Also some documentation has been updated to reflect the current status (database, and others).

I'm planning to improve the plugins documentation as I'm creating a third version of the base plugin infrastructure to be able to execute in parallel engines wherever is possible (as I have almost 2 years of data executing plugins with all the data is becoming really slow).

I'm still planning also to release a version with a installer to let you try the tool easily.

Check here the archive: News

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