Project Description

Stock Analyzer is a day trading tool that allows you to test and execute custom strategies. It's main job is to capture and store real-time market data on a database to be able to develop custom strategies and execute them against the stored data, evaluate the results and create automatic systems that operate directly on the stock exchange market. Unlike other tools we store the bid & ask of the different stocks so there is no slippery on the execution results.

It is composed of different modules:

- Real-time data capture.
- Historical analysis.
- Charting.
- Strategy testing.
- Strategy execution.

It's developed in C# using WPF. It's designed with visual impaired or partially sighted persons in mind as it will refit to whatever font size or dpi is used.

Currently there is only available access to market data thru the Interdin provider and due to several technical problems I will continue with only this provider (in the future I plan to include Interactive Brokers too). You must have an account with them if you want to capture data on real time. The main problem found with other providers  is the use of different identifiers for the same stock.

If you don't use real time capture you can still try with the data I provide with the application on the release package.

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