How to proceed:

Download the latest available version and decompress it. You will find there the application binaries (they don't need installation) and the sample data.

To work with the application you need to setup a database server. To set it up you have two options:

  1. Attach the included database to your server. It has to be a SQL 2008.
  2. Execute the included scripts to create and populate the database with data.

On the first run the application will ask you for the all the configuration settings. If you don't have an Interdin account just leave the "Enable realtime" unchecked. The database information is mandatory.

To see the included data select the historical view, click on the calendar to select a date (only the dates with information will be shown), select one date and click the button to load the information. The information included on the sample contains 4 days data from 03/02/2012 to 03/07/2012.

If you have problems/questions don't hesitate to ask them at the Discussions tab.

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